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Terrence O'neill

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You'll find this difficult to believe but the business of taxation actually intrigues me.



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I am and Enrolled Agent licensed by the Department of Treasury and trained specifically in the tax preparation, planning, and representation before the IRS. I have full representation rights on every level of the IRS which means I can represent my client on any tax matter, including audits, appeals, and collection issues.

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What characteristics do your favorite clients share?

Without question the best clients deliver necessary information on a timely basis. This exhibits a professionalism and a courtesy for what I'm trying to accomplish for them.

Why should a client hire you?

I feel it's a sacred obligation to research each client's unique situation, protect their interests, and deliver the best deal possible within the scope of the law.

Describe a time where you went beyond expectations when working with a client.

Just this past year I had a couple who lost an foreign investment rental to foreclosure. They were in fact duped out of their investment. Although I wasn't able to recoup their original investment (legal matter) I was able to recapture losses unavailable to them before the foreclosure. The amount was considerable.

What single project or task would you consider your most significant accomplishment in your career to date?

Passing the Enrolled Agents exams on the first try. It has led to many doors being opened and will also be leading to the next step in my continuing education.


Terry O'Neill EA LLC

Round Hill, VA


National Association of Enrolled Agents

Member since 2012

American Society of Tax Problem Solvers

Member since 2014

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Terry O'Neill EA LLC

I'm in the business of taxation with representaion!


We serve the individual, sole proprietor, partnership, and S corp. We like to believe we do all of the above very well. Research has always been a passion in every subject matter that I've taken an interest in. The consequences and reduction of tax burdens interest me. It is the single character attribute I look for in a new employee.

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Tax Services

Individual & joint tax preparation
Partnership or corporation tax preparation
Individual & joint filing audit defense
Partnership or corporation audit defense

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