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Athena Mathew

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Hi my name is Athena and I love to help my clients prepare their income taxes.



+1(817) 589-8500

7256 Glenview Drive

Richland Hills TX 76180


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I am a Tax Professional, Certified Public Accountant, Business Entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience. I love, live and work in Richland Hills, TX with my family and friends. I stand behind my work and give my clients one on one attention.

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What characteristics do your favorite clients share?

My clients range from students, hard working labors, contractors, to professional business owners, corporations, s-corps, 1099's, retirees.

Why should a client hire you?

If you like to get your income tax returned prepared professionally, electronically and quickly at a reasonable amount guaranteed satisfaction then I'm your Accountant.

Describe a time where you went beyond expectations when working with a client.

Debbie Callahan comes to mind she is something else when it comes to getting the best for her and her family. I speak to her throughout the year making sure she is staying on track with her income and expenses and paying her taxes on time.



Bachelor of Accounting



Synetics Tax Service Inc

Richland Hills, TX

10/2005 - present

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Synetics Tax Service Inc

I try to make it as easy as possible for my clients to prepare there income taxes. I realize my clients needs are different. I pay attention to time needed to explain and prepare everyone's income tax return. Giving them the best value for their return.


I travel to my clients
My clients travel to me
I meet with clients over the phone or internet


Tax Services

Individual & joint tax preparation
Partnership or corporation tax preparation

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