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Hi my name is Tom Finochiaro, it is all my pleasure meeting you.



+1(862) 204-9350

137 Cloud Crest Dr

Greentown PA 18426



• Self-employed Financial Investigator / Forensic Accountant . • Enrolled Agent to practice before the Internal Revenue Service • Nine years as a financial consultant involved in (A.M.L) Anti-Money Laundering Investigations. • Four years as a Director of Security & Investigations for a public traded company. • One year as a Corporate Special Agent investigating credit card and travelers check fraud. • Twenty-five years of Special Agent experience in investigating complex criminal financial matters, including but not limited to Tax Evasion and Money laundering cases. • Six years of being a Computer Investigative Specialist (C.I.S.) and as a Seized Computer Evidence Recovery Specialist. (S.C.E.R.S.)

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What characteristics do your favorite clients share?

I have an array of clients with a plethora of varied businesses. All of them share one simplistic characteristic......they want to pay the absolute legal mininmal tax!!!

Why should a client hire you?

My background coupled with my experience and my tenacious and relentless drive involving principle is second to none!!!

Describe a time where you went beyond expectations when working with a client.

Represented several clients in cash businesses that were on the cusp of becoming potential IRS Criminal tax cases and was able to minimize their exposure with minimal civil taxes due.


N.Y. Institute of Technology

Bachelor of Accounting



• United States Treasury Department , IRS Criminal Investigation Division

• Special Agent / Computer Investigative Specialist
, Brooklyn, New York , NY

02/1973 - 07/1997


Greentown, PA

02/2006 - present



Member since 1998

business info

Finos Forensic Financial Investigations LTD

Conoscente of Tax Preparation & Representation

Established 2006

As a former IRS Revenue & Special Agent, I have over 30 years of Government experience. As the ad goES....."THAT'S PRICELESS!!!!


I travel to my clients
I meet with clients over the phone or internet


Tax Services

Individual & joint tax preparation
Partnership or corporation tax preparation
Partnership or corporation audit defense

Financial Services

Hedge funds
Tax & estate planning
Retirement planning

fee structure

Hourly fees

Typical Client Assets

Up to $100K
$100K to 500K
$500K or over

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