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Hi! I'm Kim and I think taxes are kind of fun.



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I currently work for a CPA firm in Castle Rock, working full time during the busy season and part time the rest of the year. After working 11 years at H&R Block, I got a job offer I couldn't refuse and started working for the McKillip Group. One of the best things about this arrangement is there are at least two people looking over your return.

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Describe a time where you went beyond expectations when working with a client.

One of my clients was from the UK and here with his wife who was working for the British Embassy. He has a unique Visa situation so I had to research how that affected his US taxes. I even ended up correcting the information that the British Embassy had on their website.

What single project or task would you consider your most significant accomplishment in your career to date?

I had a client who had not filed in 7 years and was getting notices from the IRS saying he owed thousands of dollars. He was scared he would lose his house. I was able to file all the missing returns and get everything straightened out. He even ended up getting a few thousand dollars back.


UC San Diego

Master of Bioenginering



McKillip Group

Senior tax preparer
Castle Rock, CO

11/2012 - present

H&R Block

Master tax preparer, Office coordinator, instructor
Aurora, CO

11/2002 - 10/2012


National Association of Enrolled Agents

Member since 2012

National Association of Tax Preparers

Member since 2013

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The McKillip Group

We aren't typical boring accountants. We ask lots of questions and try to understand your situation. The returns are reviewed by at least 2 people.


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