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I have been doing taxes for almost 40 years and still have some of those original clients.



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Bottoms harvey

I enjoy helping people. I learned a long time ago, that people can tell if you are interested in them or their money. I have had good relations with both the IRS as well as my clients. The IRS knew that a tax return prepared by me was an honest tax return. That doesn't mean that I prepare tax return to the IRS benefit. Instead I discuss potential problems with my client and let them know that I will stand by them which ever way they determined to go.

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What characteristics do your favorite clients share?

They come to me for advice before acting. That way, I can help them make the decision that best fits their tax situation

Why should a client hire you?

Because if I don't know the answer, I will find the answer. I never claimed to know everything but I am always willing to learn.

Describe a time where you went beyond expectations when working with a client.

I went back several years of tax returns and got the client back money that they overpaid. This client lived over 100 miles from my house.

What single project or task would you consider your most significant accomplishment in your career to date?

I worked with a small independent oil producer who was hit with a big tax bill and helped him to reduce the liability by a large amount.


University Of Oklahoma

Bachelor of Accounting



I have always worked for myself except for a few tax seasons that I helped a CPA firm as well

Enid, OK

05/1978 - 06/1992

Honors & Awards

30 year award with the Oklahoma Society of CPAs


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Harvey L. Bottoms

I help you with the bottom line

Established 1977

I am willing to help anyone who needs help. I leave people satisfied with my work and the feeling that they are in better control of their taxes.


I travel to my clients
I meet with clients over the phone or internet


Tax Services

Individual & joint tax preparation
Individual & joint filing audit defense

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